Paradise Air Hawaii
Paradise Air Hawaii
68-760 Farrington Highway B3
WaialuaHI 96791
 (808) 497-6033

Reviews Of Paradise Air Hawaii

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Jul 20, 2017

Denise and Tom were incredibly personable, experienced, and passionate about sharing the flights with us! We were so incredibly lucky to find them and their flying machines. Our flights were filled with jaw dropping views and delightful bliss dancing among the wispy clouds with the island winds.We will be back for a longer ride!

Heather Williams
Jul 15, 2017

These guys are awesome! Would fly with them again

Jul 13, 2017

My teenage daughter found Paradise Air online prior to our visit to Oahu. My wife was very timid and nervous about both our family members and herself participating in this adventure. We are a family of 5, with 3 daughters ranging in age from 16 to 22. My wife and my youngest were the first to go up and they came back all smiles!!! Needless to say, the rest of us really enjoyed this amazing adventure!!! Tom and Denise did a fantastic job (cannot say this enough)! Heidi also was wonderful with her assistance as well. Heidi was also great in providing us local places to eat and things to do afterwards (including the secret turtle snorkel place in which there were over 100 turtles ☺). But probably the highlight of the entire adventure was getting to pilot the hang glider, of course with their instruction and accompaniment. Put this on your bucket list and go do it!!! Thanks Paradise Air!!!

Rebecca S
Jul 12, 2017

My Mom and I went for an hour flight with Tom & Denise yesterday, and it was just awesome! I was a bit nervous going into it, but as soon as we got there my nerves were quickly calmed. Heidi got us all set, and we were quickly on our way. Take off was super quick and smooth, as was the landing (less nerve wracking than in a plane, that`s for sure!). Tom was awesome to fly with. He shared a lot of great information about flying, as well as the landscape we were flying over. And knowing we wouldn`t remember all of the names of the places he pointed out, when we got back Heidi kindly marked them all on a map for us! From start to finish this was an outstanding experience, and I`d absolutely recommend it to anybody!

Jul 09, 2017

It was just by chance my aunt and I were given the opportunity to meet Tom & Denise for the most amazing day of my life. I only had two things on my bucket list and that was to see Hawaii and be able to "Fly like a bird" .... WOW never in my dreams did I think I would have the opportunity provided to me to see Hawaii the way I saw Hawaii. From the moment we saw the Hang Gliders I couldn't wait. Tom was my pilot and I can say that there was never and I mean never one twinge of fear. It was like getting on a tricycle and taking off. He would mention a bump once in awhile but I never noticed. It was the most surreal, amazing, peaceful time I have ever experienced. It is a good thing I live in the states because I would have to sell my house to cover the addiction to Hang Gliding. Best Birthday present I ever bought myself!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH TOM & DENISE....... COME TO KANSAS ... WE CAN BUILD A RUNWAY!!:) Brenda

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